2010 NEW Collection

We are so excited and proud to introduce our newest collection of color stories and products. You can view the entire collection online now, or see them in person at any of our shows over the next few weeks. Visit our website to see them all now!

Infusion: Uncomplicated and clean with experimental shapes and striking colors, the Infusion collection is futuristic yet approachable.

Remnant: An eclectic patchwork of diversity, Remnant is inspired by beauty found in cultures across the globe

Daydream: An elegant hand-picked collection reminiscent of Paris and full of vintage grandeur, Daydream is shabby chic infused with fresh character and color. Paradigm: Timeless and retro all at once, the paradigm collection is Americana reinvented.Also, this week’s video is a AIFD feature, be sure to check out the YouTube channel to watch it!


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