Friday, April 30, 2010

T2: Coastal Chic Part 3 - Accessories

I LOVE this week's Tips and Tricks video! Hitomi has outdone herself with her creativity. She has crafted bouquets, boutonnieres,jewelry and more - all from our accessories and products.

Aluminum Wire
Mixed Shells
Deep Scallop Shell
Nautilus Shell
Clam Shell
Knobby Starfish

Behind the scenes: Tips and Tricks

Just wanted to share a video from Colin Gilliam of a behind the scenes look at Hitomi Gilliam and our crewe for the shooting of an upcoming episode of T2: Tips&Tricks!

And our spring sale starts today - don't miss it!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Bonus Trick from Coast Chic

There were SO many creative, exciting ideas that Hitomi used in her beautiful Coastal Chic wedding, that we couldn't even include them all in our T2 videos!

But this idea was just too fabulous for me not to show y'all. For her place cards, Hitomi simply wrote names on Capiz and put them in our Blossom name card holders . . . simple, easy, and so creative!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Inspiration from the web

I was all ready to write a lovely post about how glad we are that it's finally warm and sunny spring here in Atlanta; but then, it was about 40 degrees when I woke up this morning - brr!

Despite that, spring remains in the air with blossoms and buds bursting forth all over the place. This morning, I'm feeling inspired by some beautiful flowers and some bright spring-like colors and forms.
Spring blooms
from Martha Stewart
Pretty spring colors and shapes . . .
from Style me Pretty
Grace Vase
*from the wedding chicks
Oversized Rota Vase
*from Style Me Pretty
Celebration Vase, Water Pearls, Rota Vase
*From Style me Pretty
And these last two, just because they're pretty!
from Designs by Ahnfrom A Little Sussy

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tips and Tricks: Coast Chic Part 2

This week's episode of Tips and Tricks is the second part of a four part series featuring a fabulous coastal chic wedding. In this episode, Hitomi demonstrates how to create a sturdy, yet fabulous and beautiful, entry centerpiece for a beach wedding or any other coastal-themed event.
*Nikki Candleabra
*Ida Stand

*Stay tuned later this week for a special creative idea from Hitomi for your beach place cards.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Focus Product Shots

We've been busy taking, editing and adding new focus shots of some of our products to the website. Each picture is designed to show our customers a more full and creative look at our products. While browsing our website, you'll see these images when you click on a specific product. For now, here's a few of the shots all in one place for you to admire and enjoy!

Wood strips
Horizon Lantern
Harmony Stands
AD Light

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly Web Inspiration

Just a few quick inspirations today!
Rota Vase
*from Style me Pretty
*Glass Cube, Ginza, Kazan, Pebbles
from Melissa Jill
Urban, Rota Vase, Kazan
from Style me Pretty
Mezzo Vase
From Altmix Photography
*Annabelle Vase, Rota Vase
from Jessica Claire
*Annabelle Vase, Rota Vase
from Jessica Claire

Coastal Chic: Part 1

We are so excited about this next month's T2 videos. We've put together a gorgeous, inspiring wedding from top to bottom. All the details are completed using Accent Decor's products and Hitomi's creative genius. Today, we're unveiling the first in a 4-part series featuring a coastal chic wedding designed by Hitomi Gilliam. This week's episode features on aisle runner designs, perfect for that beach wedding!

Balcony Vase
Crosswinds Vase
Shell Bubble Ball

Friday, April 16, 2010

Join us for a virtual coastal wedding . . .

Aisle runner event design wedding using coast style and candle  light, Crosswinds Vase. Accent Decor

beach wedding candles in glass vases aisle runners
coastal chic wedding photo aisle runners event design
*We are so excited about the next few episodes of Tips and Tricks. Hitomi has put together an amazing wedding full of gorgeous details, using Accent Decor products. Trust me, you won't want to miss it. Stay tuned for the new video, coming Monday morning!

Weekly Inspiration

Mezzo Vase
from Fleurs.
Try some of our Antique White Pots to re-create this look.
from Erin ever after
Carnival Vases
from Style me Pretty
Titanic Vase, Voluminous Vase, Rota
from Style me Pretty

*Urban collection from Beautiful Blooms

Monday, April 12, 2010

Flowers, Vases, and More

Beautiful traditional wedding flowers. Try the Celebration Vase for this look . . .
from Style me Pretty
Modern yet romantic and pretty - what a perfect wedding combination! Mezzo Vase
from KT Merry

I adore everything about this fun and cheerful yellow and gray combination, especially with all the succulents.
from Once Wed

from Grace Ormond
from Grace Ormond
from Altmix Photography
(can you tell I'm loving yellow right now? It's just so cheerful and ready for summer!)
Reclaimed Wood Pedestal, Moss Sphere
from Adorations blog

Woodland Collection
from Adorations blog