Tips and Tricks: Take 2

We are filming our second round of Tips and Tricks videos with Hitomi this week. I came into the office this morning, and was just in awe of Hitomi’s work and creativity using our products. I couldn’t help but take pictures to give you a little look at what’s in store.

I know y’all have already noticed (because you’ve told me . . .) but Hitomi’s talent is absolutely amazing! Keep watching our Tips and Tricks videos every week to be amazed and inspired . . . You can see them all on our YouTube channel.

Today check out these GORGEOUS flowers. Every single time I walk back there, I want to grab a bunch and bring them home to cover my house – don’t beautiful flowers just make you happy? And add some of this beautiful weather we’re having right now . . . perfection.

Check back tomorrow for a behind-the-scenes look at some of Hitomi’s insanely creative ideas!


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