The Hot List: Top Sellers from our shows

The Hot List: Top Sellers from our shows

One of my favorite things to do after our shows each season is to look at the list of top sellers. I just find it so interesting, and for some reason I get really excited when the list is mostly made up of our new items. Maybe because it means we did a good job selecting and putting together our new collection! On this season’s list (well, it doesn’t include Vegas since that hasn’t happened yet – maybe I’ll post a separate Vegas top-seller list later), 9 of the top 12 items are brand new. And I know I said 12 items, I love item 11 and didn’t want to leave it off the list.

Without any further ado, here’s this season’s “hot list” – the top 12 sellers from our Atlanta and Dallas shows.

12. Motley Pot (4.8″x5.5″x4″ in green)
11. Blossom Name Card Holder
10. Silhouette Vase (6.5″x30″)
9. Delphi Pot (6.5″x6″)
8. Enchant Pot in green (7″x6.7″)7. Zodiac Vase (4″x12″ and 4″x16″)
6. Birch Pot w/Zinc (7″x6″)5. Essence Vase (5″x12″) and pot (7″x6.7″)
4. Raw Cork Pot (6-9″x8″)
3. Nikki Candleabra in white (40″)
2. Moxie Urn
in White and in green (18.5″x30″) (the entire Moxie collection sold really well)
1. AD Light (all 3 sizes)

*Visit our website (click item names for link to specific items) to purchase these popular pieces today. Because who knows how long our stock will last!?


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