Friday, December 4, 2009

Be Inspired: By Us, Our Customers, and the Internet

A sneak peek from our newest photo shoot with designer Els Teunissen - in the Accent Decor studio!* Rustic Wood Pedestal (iron stands coming soon!)*Cloche, Concrete Collection
From one of our fabulous customers:
And I will try and update our Showcase again very soon - we've had lots of fantastic entries submitted since my last update!
*Bark Vase
*Birch Folder, Moss Spheres, Vanessa Collection
Photography by Roberto Falck Photography
Some pretty inspiration from around the web:

*Monet Vase, Rota Collection
From Luna Photo via Style Me Pretty

Inspiration board from stylist Joy Thigpen

*Try the Midtown bowl to recreate this gorgeous look!
From Ritzy Bee

*Darby Vase
From Beautiful Blooms

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