Tip of the Day: Grant

How to care for the Grant and Ashton collections:

You can use WD40 to polish off minor scratches and polish it up but for major problems:
One of our found this method after having lily pollen stain on the white Grant Planter. She used the sandpaper and water method. It worked like a charm!

【 Serious smears or cuts
  They may be eliminated by rubbing with abstergents and cloth. More intractable ones may be eliminated with fine sand paper (180~400). Then Polystone will restore its luster after rubbed with cloth and water.

Most smears do not threaten Polystone
  Polystone is a solid, imporous and compact material which has the character of resisting the corrosion from various smears. Most smears, including foods, edible oil, soy sauce, vinegar, alcohol, iodine, citric acid, lipstick, shoeshine, and ink, do not threaten Polystone. Its durability is excellent. Besides, maintenance is easy and waxing is not required so a lot of expenses can be saved. Therefore, it has been widely used in households and for commercial purpose.
Easy daily cleaning and maintenance 】
  Water stains or a small quantity of smears may be eliminated easily by using wet cloth and a few household detergents or soapy water.
Strong smears, cigarette stub burning or a few scores
  Smears or scores may be eliminated with sand paper and water and polished with polishing machines. With regard to more serious damages, please contact Polystone’s distributors, who possess techniques and equipment for repairing scars.


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