Insider Tip: Water Crystals

This week at Accent Decor, our water crystals are on sale. What a perfect way to WOW your clients at a low cost.
Lucky for you, it costs very little to make these everyday, affordable, gorgeous designs.

The details:
1 container of Crystal Ice contains 30 teaspoons.

43460.00 $4.65 .70 liters of water(700ml) = 1.5tsp of crytals .20
43461.00 $6.97 1.3 liters of water (1300ml)= 2.5tsp of crystals .34
43462.00 $10.45 3.5 liters of water(3500ml) = 7tsp of crystals .95
43463.00 $17.45 7 liters of water(7000ml) = 14tsp of crystals 1.90
It would take about 1 jar of beads $2.75 to do all 4 of these vases.

You do the math! Low cost, high impact.

And remember all this important info too:
Crystals, Cubes and Pearls are made with a non-toxic polymer. They expand up to 400 times with water. Use 2.5 teaspoons to one litre water. The amount changes with elevation or water hardness. Add more or less water to get the ‘look’ you want. Add water to increase clarity. Warm water will speed up the process and make the pearls larger. Do not dispose of in a drain. The crystals can be composted in the garden to encourage water retention. Floral longevity will be compromised. The dye will not change the color of the flowers. The mixed crystals can last for a number of weeks if stored in a cool place. You also can rinse the solution out with fresh water to freshen it up. Mix it up! AD imagination!

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