AD Design Contest: Floating Gladiolus

AD Design Contest: Floating Gladiolus

Once again, I want to thank everyone who entered the contest this year! What fun it was to see all the beautiful designs! I wanted to offer an inside look at some of the top entries, including recipes and judges insight. Enjoy!
Floating Gladiolus
by: Stephanie Lay

Simple and Modern floating gladiolus blooms – perfect for budget brides who still want to wow guests with their decor!

-3 Accent Decor Moderne Vases – 47094.00
-3 Accent Decor Moderne Vases – 47092.00
-50 Gladiolus Blooms – approximately 20 stems
-10 pc reserved gladiolus foliage
-10 stems green berries – not sure what these are, I found them in my backyard
-Accent Decor Purple Aluminum wire – 29870.37
-hot glue gun & glue

-Remove open blooms and foliage from gladolus – can save stalks with buds for another arrangement.
-Fill vases with water, submerge berries.
-Arrange gladiolus atop vases – approximately 12 per large vase, and 8 per smaller vase
-Using the hot glue, secure 2 blades of gladiolus foliage around the top of each vase.
-Using needle nose pliers, curl the wire to create a swirling wire “brooch”, attach to foliage using hot glue.
-Steps 4 & 5 can be done ahead of time, and the arrangement can be quickly completed on site to prevent spillage during transport.

What a stunning look with minimal flowers! I love this design, the way you use the gladiola blooms which are so beautiful and using the foliage and wire self made broach.The combination with the berries (whatever they are) make the design playful and beautiful, especially with the modern glass vases making it transparent and lovely. I can easily see this idea in a long table setting or a square. And the votives lighting up the vases super.


  1. Sonya

    6 October

    Very unique floral arrangement – love it!

    Love your site, good luck on the I Heart Faces Sticviews contest!

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