AD Design Contest: Antique-Chic

AD Design Contest: Antique-Chic

Antique-Chic Tablecenter
by: Christopher Grigas

The combination of vintage & antique items with upscale design and flowers is more popular in the industry every day. This design takes the vintage look of the farmer’s “milk crate” and gives it a chic look with interesting blooms and creative design.

Accent Décor Vintage Crate/small pots (item 98645)
Brown 2.0 Aluminum Wire from Accent Décor (item 29860.25)
4 Antique Garden Pots (item 98590)
8 stem Kermit Mum
4 stem Lady’s Mantle
8 stems burgundy Scabiosa
4 ‘Amnesia’ Rose
8 burgundy Ti leaf
6 stem Sedum
1 stems antique Hydrangea
8 Chocolate Orchid ‘Sharry Baby’ Oncidium
Fresh sheet moss
Oasis foam

-Start with the Accent Décor Vintage Crate/small pots (item 98645)
-Fit each pot with soaked Oasis foam and cut flush to top
-Divide the 12 mini pots into 3 groups of 4 pots
-In set 1, create low domes of Kermit Mums with burgundy Scabiosa accent
-In set 2, create low mounds of Sedum and Lady’s Mantle blooms
-In set 3, wrap 3 burgundy Ti leaves around the Oasis and tuck into small pot
-Tuck Antique Hydrangea and a single ‘Amnesia’ Rose into the center of the wrap
-Use Brown 2.0 Aluminum Wire from Accent Décor (item 29860.25) to wrap the rim of the pots that hold the leaf wraps, hiding the ends by bending and poking in between the pot and leaf.
-Arrange the pots in a random pattern in the crate
-Use 8 Chocolate Orchid “Sharry Baby” Oncidium by poking two stems into each of the leaf wrap pots…
-Next, connect stems by gently bending and wrapping the tips around a lower lateral stem.
-Last, use 4 Antique Garden Pots (item 98590) turned over and embellished with fresh sheet moss to place the floral arrangement on.

Els Says:
What a fabulous centerpiece, I love your use of color, and the beautiful, graceful flow of the orchids making this, indeed, a chique design!
I can see this as a display in Garden setting outside weddings buffet table etc.


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