Welcome and Be Inspired!

Welcome and Be Inspired!

Welcome to Accent Decor’s brand new blog! Many of you know me already from our weekly newsletter (don’t get it yet? sign up here!) And for those of you who don’t know me, HI! I am so pleased to meet you, and really excited to be a part of this new feature of our website. I know that I, personally, love blogging and love reading blogs and being inspired by the VAST amount of beautiful words, pictures, designs and more that are available on this marvelous invention we call the internet (how did we ever survive without it?!)

Oh and this is my sweet little baby girl, Jayci. (Of course, she’s actually hardly even a baby anymore, since she’s about to turn ONE next week – I can’t believe it!) You’ll probably see a good bit of her around here too.

Accent Decor’s blog is designed to be a source of inspiration, community, help, insider info, and much more. You’ll have a chance to get to know your sales reps, to get special sneak peeks at new products, new collections and more. Not sure how to use our products? Well we’ll explain it all here!

As we get started with our blog, I’d love to hear from YOU so we can find out more about what you want to hear. After all, that’s what this is all about!

Send me an email at with your questions, comments, and suggestions.

I’ll leave you today with a few quick links — visit and be inspired today (and yes, you will probably be hearing that phrase around here a lot!)
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*Want more inspiration and trends? Check out this slideshow of the Maison et Objet fair report!

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