Getting to know us: Welcome Sarah!

Getting to know us: Welcome Sarah!

Accent Decor has a new member of our team. I’m especially excited to introduce y’all to her, because she’s my baby sister! Although I suppose she’s not a baby anymore considering she has graduated from college and has filled the position of Product Manager at Accent Decor. Since having Jayci, I’ve stepped back from the product development end of the business to focus on the website; as well as, of course, my family.

Sarah is perfect for filling my spot – not only is she better trained and equipped, but we even look alike. She’s lucky I’m nice, or I could post some really embarrassing pictures of her on here (instead, here’s one of her with my little girl!)
Anyways, take a minute to welcome her to our team and get used to seeing her ideas and insights all over our newest collections, trends, and more. She will also be the one to travel and assist in the buying and developing of our new products. If you have ideas, inspirations, or suggestions for Sarah and the rest of our development team, feel free to leave them here!


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