Getting to Know Us: Trends and Inspiration

Getting to Know Us: Trends and Inspiration

I just realized how much I over-use the word “inspiration” on this blog. I apologize. I can’t stand it when people do that, but I just can’t help myself – inspiring our customers (that’s you) and ourselves: that’s what this blog is all about!

Lately, I cannot stop looking at blogs and pictures and being motivated to create, to live, in more beautiful ways. Vintage and eclectic is what I’m all about lately.
Here are a few images and blogs that I am LOVING right now.

from the Ritzy Bee Blog ( also check out their Vintage Wednesdays — love them!)

What about you? What’s your style like these days? Both personally and in your business designs?

And how do you get inspired? For us, we like to create inspiration boards (well binders usually . . . ) where we can collect images, textures, “looks” and shapes that inspire(oh my, there I go again) encourage us in the creative process.
One of our inspiration boards from this past season: don’t you love the muted colors and warm feel?

Check out this “mood board” from Creature ComfortsOr how about this eco-chic wedding collage from Style Me Pretty?
Hope you’re feeling inspired. Now go create! (ps – does anyone know any synonyms for “inspire” – I’m about to drive myself crazy with saying it too much)


  1. FloriFlori

    7 October

    Interesting Blog!

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