Feature: Water Pearls

Crystals, Cubes and Pearls are made with a non-toxic polymer.
They expand up to 400 times with water.
Use 2.5 teaspoons to one litre water.
Add more or less water to get the ‘look’ you want.
Warm water will speed up the process and make the pearls larger.
Do not dispose of in a drain.
The crystals can be composted in the garden to encourage water retention.
Floral longevity will be compromised.
The dye will not change the color of the flowers.
The mixed crystals can last for a number of weeks if stored in a cool place.
The dye is contained within the crystal; the black and white pearls are opaque and can be mixed.
Mix it up! AD imagination!

extra hints: hard water increases the amount of pearls, crystals, or cubes you need.
When bacteria builds up, the solution can be rinsed with fresh water. But the price allows you to simply dispose it and start again.
*Ralph Null did a presentation “No Leaf Unturned” at AIFD symposium using different orchids in containers with water peals. Creative value and long lasting.
The shipment will be here soon! It’s in Charleston right now.

Water pearls are the biggest hit especially during the tough economic times. Low cost for a high impact.


  1. hilly

    15 July

    just got some haven't use them yet but excited

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