Friday, April 28, 2017

Q&A with Christy Hulsey: Mayesh Design Star

Once Christy Hulsey completed her #mdsflowerworkshop instruction at Accent Decor headquarters, we took a few minutes to sit down with the Mayesh Design Star to get her thoughts on all things flowers, family, Mayesh & a little Accent Decor.

It’s been really eye opening and I’ve met a lot of people who I not only teach but been able to learn from as well… which I think is the beauty of floral design!
I’ve always said this: My grandmother may be 90.. the lady who started this shop may be 70.. my daughter is 10 – but women from all generations can bond and relate to flower design and a love for flowers and this workshop series reiterates that notion.
If you look at the people just in this class for instance: Steve (McKenzie), has been on blogs, in magazines, has his own shop but then the lady next to him had never done much with flowers before. It’s as if flowers are a universal language.

I think that there’s a recipe for the brand that they are committed to helping their florists and I believe that they are kind and have a great understanding for where I come from. The original family who founded Mayesh, much like [Accent Decor] and Margaret – the brands and what they represent aligns with me… it speaks to me because they are able to provide the things that we need. They are very technology driven, very visual: text and pictures that are really modern and I love that they provide workshops. Much like AD, I just think they’re amazing!

Yes!! I am!! I believe in 3 factors for every arrangement: 1. Meaning 2. Vessel 3. Flower recipe – then to me it doesn’t really matter how people put it together – I think it will be beautiful if you have those 3 things in sync.
So, that’s how I’ve always started my process. I look at my container and then sort of match my flowers to it. Accent Decor has kind of a modern and high-end look to their products and most of them have a story. Even the girls in our shop – they’re 19 – you won’t believe this, but they’ll tell the people who walk in our store that the Celfie vase’s eyelashes are hand painted! They’re proud to tell our customers! Which makes it exciting for me to see them excited about the product.

Oh gosh! I have so many! I really like the Benoit that we used out in LA. I also love the Tegan both in gold and white. We can design flowers in them or just drop an orchid in them or even in the smaller ones we can throw a succulent in them – they’re very versatile! We ship so much Accent Decor! Celfie vases too! They’re so popular!

Hmmm… depends on the season but I love all flowers! I really have to think about this one! Definitely anything that my grandmother sends me. I always love them and I always use them – whether they match or not! I am really drawn to ranunculus. I love things that are unusual. I love a blushing bride… or proteas, those are always really neat. I just love them all! As far as greenery, I like elaeagnus and olive.

I’ve always designed the same way: I like a lot natural movement and looseness. It looks more realistic and less contrived which allows more people to design flowers and feel confident while doing so. That way it doesn’t have to be all measured and with triangles and all of that. In return it allows people to have more flowers in their life because they don’t feel like they have to follow any rules! There’s definitely a movement in the industry away from all of the rules which encourages people to come pick something up from our shop and do their own thing or even as a floral designer.

Well, we had a wedding this past weekend and I had to clean out my car from all of the leftover flowers. I gave my 10 year old daughter the same elevated compote we used today and let her create her own arrangement! It’s filled with David Austin roses and it’s just this beautiful design!

The one thing about the tour that I’ve really loved is the way that Mayesh has embraced not just me but my entire family. This tour was a big commitment for me for where I am in both my personal life and career. I was a little nervous to share that with them initially but they have completely allowed me to have the best of both worlds. I took my whole little family out to LA: my husband, kids and my sister! I didn’t realize in the beginning that they’re [Mayesh] all related too - a family business! My sister will be my assistant at several workshops, my husband will do some and my children are going to Carlsbad! It’s been a neat way for them to see parts of the country that we may not have seen otherwise! I love to travel so this has been an amazing excuse to do so!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Behind the Scenes: Accent Decor Showrooms

Every market season, our showroom team starts off brainstorming the trends that will inspire our showroom spaces, moves into assembly week, and then finally, builds out the showroom looks to bring their ideas to life. 

Sarah, Accent Decor's creative director, merchandises all the displays in the showrooms each year. It's her vision that makes the shelves shoppable and inspirational. The display she's working on below is part of our Wanderlust Story. You can read about the inspiration behind this look and shop it here.

Showroom set up is more than placing items on a shelf. Sometimes, the shelves have to be created from scratch. Below, Chris, our studio photographer, helps get these holiday display boxes picture perfect with paint. (Shop Holiday Decor here)

While the tasks that come with showroom set up can be tedious, it's often the tedious ones that lead to the most impactful displays. Karla, our PR planner, adds washer after washer to tall rows of our Terra Pots to create a room divider feature for the Wanderlust section of the showroom.

Jessica, Accent Decor's resident artist, adds botanical-inspired script to showroom walls and shelving to add a personal touch to our dark and moody trend, Botanist's Parlor.

On the Eco Chic side of the showroom, Karla and Jessica tied jute string to our rio planters to create this modern and minimal chandelier feature complete with tiny air plants.

Did you enjoy this peek behind the scenes at how our showrooms come to life? Have a favorite look or display? Let us known in the comments below!

Friday, February 24, 2017

2017 Top 10 (Everyday) Bestsellers

Accent Decor Showroom at AmericasMart in Atlanta Bldg 1, 18-E-20
At the end of every market, our management team squirrels away to run numbers and generate reports to get you a clean list of our top 10 products from the market season.

This season, it was clear that customers were drawn to glass with brassy details, natural materials, and planters.

So, without further ado, here's our Top 10. Let us know in the comments which one is your absolute favorite!

Top 10 Bestsellers (For Everyday)

Accent Decor Bestseller: The Wildwood Votive Branch

Ranking in the #1 spot is our Wildwood votive branch. The smaller size is perfect for small spaces that need just a little something to bring the look together. Also available in silver.

Shop Wildwood >>

Accent Decor Bestseller: Tower Planters

These planters look heavy and bulky, but the secret to their popularity is their inserts which make planting and transporting easy. Their exterior is also light weight, making these a hit for events and outdoor spaces.

Accent Decor Bestseller: Marble Pots

Who doesn't love natural marble? Great for interiors, events, or gifts.

Accent Decor Bestseller: Berlin Planters

The wood accents give these industrial concrete pieces a warm, natural look that's very on trend.

Shop Berlin Planters >> 

Accent Decor Bestseller: Maxwell Lantern

We hung Maxwell Lanterns in mass in our showrooms and they were a hit! Fill the lanterns with votives, orchids, and leafy greens for a botanical twist.

Accent Decor Bestseller: Kingdom Columns

Beveled glass columns with brass details add a little refined elegance to our collection of columns. 

Accent Decor Bestseller: Galveston Planters

From outdoor spaces to industrial chic weddings, these rich, rust-colored planters are perfect for a variety of uses.

Accent Decor Bestseller: Newport Trays

Our Newport collection is always a hit at market, but the addition of these trays work as a shallow alternative to our heavier concrete planters. 

Accent Decor Bestseller: Ethereal Candleholder

This beautiful centerpiece is incredibly versatile. Whether you use candles, florals, or both, it's sure to be a showstopper at any event.

Accent Decor Bestseller: Birch Boxes

It's no secret our birch line is a favorite. Their versatility makes them popular choices all year round. New to the line are our square boxes with zinc lining which climbed to the top and close out our list at #10 for best selling products from market!

Shop the Birch Box >>

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Shop the Story: Eco Chic

Twice a year, Accent Decor releases trends that revolve around various collections in their product line. This winter, one of those trend stories, Eco Chic, celebrates organic details and handmade shapes. From photo shoots to showroom merchandising, this look's cohesive product selections, plants, and color palette speak to an emerging trend in American decor and design.

Eco Chic is an urbanite's oasis. It's a refuge from our bustling world with its clean whites and concrete details paired with the soft greens of tillandsia, muted pastel vases, and organic shapes of reclaimed wood and cork.

Restful and clean, this is nature in harmony with design.

Shop the Look: Zane Bowl | Anemone Vase | Seaside Vase

Choosing Colors

For this look, we stuck with natural tones you would find in arid plants and natural materials like reclaimed wood and clay. We complemented these colors with a neutral foundation of white and gray.

The Flowers

For photo shoots and showroom displays, our floral director, Joyce Mason-Monheim AIFD, had fun mixing textures and types of plants for a truly unique and unconventional look. She loved the idea of taking plants that you wouldn't normally find in nature together and creating a mash up of beautiful,  one-of-a-kind arrangements.

Joyce took romantic, soft florals like tulips and ranunculus and paired them with Spanish moss, air plants, and succulents.

Display Ideas

Spanish Moss

To create a canopy feel, we hung Spanish Moss from the ceiling in our showroom. Not only did it envelop our customers into the story, but it provided an additional backdrop for texture.

Woodland Boxes

Our woodland boxes were an easy solution to our need for a dimensional shelving. The rustic warm tones and geometric shapes definitely added an earthy/modern element to this story.

Hanging Rio's

Rio's hung in mass from jute string make for an easy "living chandelier" feature. Stuff with tillandsia or succulents and you're good to go!

Cork + Wood SlicesThroughout our showrooms, we added feature walls with cork and dotted them with wood slices and airplants - an easy way to add texture and life to any blank wall!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Shop the Story: Wanderlust



Wanderlust reminds us where we've been and what we can become. It serves as a gallery, framing the individual beauty and history of vases and pots, giving you time to admire each thing collected.

From sun-faded, hand-woven textiles to glowing lanterns, this look evokes a dinner party scene on a warm summer evening in Morocco.

We filled this story with our newest colored glass pieces, mainly from the Rosalie Collection. The colored depression glass brings an elegant, vintage-inspired vibe to this look. New to our collection this year are the many textiles we've added. Giant pouf pillows, throw blankets, macrame table runners, and more add a soft, moroccan feel. 


Bright accents and patterns put a soft and modern take to the weathered terracotta at the foundation of this story. From showroom design to flower selection in photoshoots, we pulled from the following palette to complement the pieces in this story.


Working with our floral director, Joyce Mason-Monheim on floral selections for this trend and with father-daughter duo, Ian and ZoĆ« of Botanica International Design & Decor Studio, for styling and arranging the florals for our photoshoots, we're able to see these products embody the story we designed for them. 

Without the right flowers (and more importantly, great design), the products would remain products, and the story completely lost. 

From Peonies to Protea, the color combinations and colors bring an elegant, event-focused look to these globally inspired containers. 

In our showrooms, we filled containers with orange trees and fiddle leaf figs, along with seeded eucalyptus, bay laurel, and pepperberry for texture and height. 

Floral arrangements in the showroom contained muted, peach-colored roses, cymbidium orchids, anthurium, sunflower centers, and hanging amarathus. 

Feeling Inspired?
Shop Our Wanderlust Story at

Accent Decor's 2017 Spring/Summer Trends

Each season, Accent Decor gathers information about trends from around the globe, pulling inspiration from go-to sources, as well as finding ideas in unexpected places.

This year, our creative director, Sarah Bagle, along with the rest of our creative team, developed three trend stories to bring their January showrooms to life: Wanderlust, Eco Chic, and The Botanist’s Parlor.
  Get the Look + Shop Wanderlust
“Each showroom design starts with a team brainstorming session where we all sit down together with the collected inspiration, new products, and ideas gathered in front of us and assess what we see,” Sarah said. “This year, we see Moroccan-inspired tablescapes built with depression era glass, clean vignettes reminiscent of an urban loft, and deep, moody colors offset by quirky portraits.”

These strong looks make up Accent Decor’s showroom stories for the Spring/Summer 2017 season, and customers will be able to participate in an immersive shopping experience with a complimentary trend book that pairs detailed descriptions, suggested product, and color swatches.

Ready to shop the trends? 

See the collections in person at the following locations this January:

AmericasMart | 18E20

Dallas Market Center | WTC 280

Las Vegas Market Center | C124

Or shop the new collections online at

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Valentine's Day Inspiration for Florists

Mandy Makerik of HotHouse Design Studio teamed up with Accent Decor to create inspiring floral arrangements for their wholesale valentine's day collectionShop the Look: Ellewood Urn

For most, February 14, represents a holiday to take a little extra time out and remind your loved ones just how much love you have to share with them, but for a lot of florists, it's one of the busiest (and let's be really honest - stressful) days of the year, and ordering product and flowers for the Valentine rush after you've barely recovered from the winter holiday festivities is really a honed skill for dedicated business owners.

Moody Wholesale Compotes and Chalices by Accent Decor

This season, we teamed up with Mandy Majerik of HotHouse Design Studio to create an inspiring Valentine's Day mailer that we hoped would spark a new-found love and unique approach to this heart-heavy holiday.

The Celfie Pot - a unique and adorable face vase design by Accent Decor
Shop the Look: Chocolate Celfie Pot

Mandy filled our V-day container picks with modern, yet romantic, floral arrangements filled with flowers such as attention-grabbing red poppies that contrast well against soft, blush ranunculus. She also let loose with our celfie collection, creating beautiful floral headpieces for our popular face vases!

We also wanted to feature some newer product with a modern heart motif, and Mandy really delivered in our newest spade pots and white heart stands.

Modern, Gold Heart Garden Pot by Accent DecorShop the Look: Spade Pot and Vase

White Heart Stand - perfect for rosebuds for valentine's day by Accent Decor
Shop the Look: White Heart Stand

Can't wait to see more wholesale valentine's day goods? Head over to and shop our Valentine's Day collection!